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Original, one and only feature of this forex school website is forex video course. It is free online forex web course that will bring you the idea of forex from my experienced perspective. The purpose of this free forex course is to provide you with elementary forex education for fast future growth. I’m also having supplemental live forex course offer, for those who are hungry of forex day trading training.

This forex trading school is all about live charts on video which is the best way to watch and learn forex. Every day forex technical analysis will bring you closer to important things day by day. To watch and learn from those forex video analysis, simply go to daily technical analysis.


Live Chart Patterns menu is about showing how does forex patterns really look like in practice, at live candlestick forex charts.

Live Trade Example menu is providing recent and archive forex videos with forex trades at live and demonstration account. Those forex tutorials are most valuable after watching forex course on video. These forex examples you can use as forex training for your forex strategies.

Entering Forex Strategies – few simple forex strategy ideas are mentioned for easy start with forex training.

Fundamental Analysis – important part of every forex course is news trading. Publication data at forex might be crucial when we are talking about forex day trading. Forexyestrading school covers also this aspect of forex trading.




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Forex trading school


Forex trading school

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